Wilderness Series

The word wilderness or a similar translation is used around 300 times in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The wilderness is both a place and a state of the heart. It is sometimes used to describe an uncivilized environment that is desolate, wild, dangerous. Other times it is tranquil, still and nourishing, a place of mercy. Wilderness is a place where we can meet God, and a place we can be tested. He knows the needs of our souls and if we let Him in, we find there is nothing more we need.

Biblical wilderness can seem so far away, but any place can be a wilderness. Busy city streets, highway underpasses, manicured suburban pathways can all be wildernesses because Wilderness is more about Aloneness than it is about a physical location on a map. Aloneness, like Wilderness, can be desolate, wild, dangerous, but also tranquil, still, nourishing, full of mercy. If we choose to rely only on ourselves in the wilderness, we are lost to chance, limited by our own understanding of how to survive. If we choose to listen for the voice of God, creator, we find everything we need.

This ‘Wilderness’ series of paintings tells the story of human experiences in today’s wildernesses. These oil paintings on canvas and linen showcase layers of vibrant color in a dreamy compound of contemporary realism and impressionism.

Original Works

Each of the following oils on canvas are on museum quality canvas and have a Certificate of Authenticity included.

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