"Try to fit it all on the page," is a challenging task. I am constantly overwhelmed by the beauty of life and when trying to communicate this in my art, sometimes it seems like there is no way for the borders of a canvas to contain it. In my figure drawings and paintings, I explore depictions of all the places into which we try to fit ourselves: into a talent, a career, gender norms, religion, relationships, and countless others. No one label can contain all of the extraordinarily complex beauty of our lives. As an artist, I often feel like Mary Poppins fitting every beautiful thing about a subject into a bag. This conflict fascinates me and solving the problems of fitting every beautiful thing onto a single canvas, piece of paper or even on a mural wall is what brings me back to my studio daily.

I am an artist, illustrator living in The Woodlands, Texas; producing art for over 25 years. I was born in Toledo, Ohio but grew up in The Woodlands (to all the locals: yes, I was at the Bottom of the Lake Festival in 1985). I studied Art, Art History, Sociology, Anthropology, Geology and Public Administration, stretching my college career over a decade and three different Texas Universities. I earned a Bachelor’s in Anthropology from University of Houston and a Master's in Public Administration from Sam Houston State University. I have worked for several social service agencies and museums learning and loving people in all their strangeness.

The goal of all my art is to shine a light on what makes life beautiful: faith, honesty, humility, truth, hope and love. I use watercolor, acrylic, oils, pen and ink and pencil to create images that communicate how I see beautifully complex life.

I must be a MERMAID. I have no fear of depths
a great fear of shallow living. –Anais Nin


  1. Messina Hof 35th Annual Wine & Roses Festival, April 2019


  1. 3rd Place: Messina Hof 29th Annual Texas Artist Wine Label Competition, April 2019
  2. 1st Place: The Woodlands 31st Annual Wildflower Festival Poster Competition, October 2018