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A Place in the Wilderness

'A Place in the Wilderness'

48” X 36”
Oil on Canvas

In Revelation 12:6 God has “prepared a place in the wilderness” for a woman (a symbol for his people) who will be safe there for 1,260 days. This contradictory, beautifully opposing statement is fascinating. As soon as a place is prepared, then it stops being a wilderness, whose definition requires it being untouched. This oil painting celebrates this with bright, colored light breaking into the dark night to provide a safe place surrounded by dark, unorganized chaos. -Revelation 12:6

ORIGINAL Oil on Canvas
A Place in the Wilderness Print (11" X 14" with mat) $45

The limited-edition prints are all printed on and matted with acid-free, archival quality paper. Each print arrives with a white mat and backer board ready to be displayed in your space. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.

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