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Harvest Moon

'Harvest Moon'

Oil on Canvas
24" X 36"

Harvest comes in the fullness of time. The moon has been a marker for time for longer than humans can remember. It’s almost in our DNA to feel that moment when the time is right to gather together and gather the gifts of the earth. It comes in the air, in the breeze of a new season, in the gentle pull of the light of the “Harvest Moon.” The same moon that causes the tides in the sea, pulls at our ancient memories to move. This painting’s glow captures the majesty of this moment in shades of burnt sienna and midnight blue with an exciting movement of texture and pattern.

Harvest Moon Print (11" X 14" with mat) $35
Harvest Moon Print (18"X24" with mat) $60

The limited-edition prints are all printed on and matted with acid-free, archival quality paper. Each print arrives with a white mat and backer board ready to be displayed in your space. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.

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